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My name is Fabian and I am a Full-time Network Marketer, keynote speaker, book author, TV-presenter & trainer.

I started my career as an entrepreneur when I was 22 years old and became a self-employed personal fitness coach.

One year later I moved from Germany to Spain where my wife and I opened two fitness clubs, a catering service and a personal trainer academy. It took us 6 years to build our businesses, so it hurted even more when recession hit and we lost more than 50% of our clients. ‚Äč

As I was searching for a way out I heard about network marketing. I loved the concept but was a bit skeptical as I knew many people who tried but never succeeded. But I also knew a handful of people who became very successful.

One thing I learned early in my life:


I reached out to someone who could teach me the exact steps on how to build a successful network marketing business.

I was lucky to find a great mentor. By using what I learned we could build an organization of tens of thousand of people in more than a hundred countries within the short period of time of only 5 years.

"I know many people have no mentor and no contact to their upline."

That is why I created this website. To help people on their way to become a network marketing professional and fulfill their goals and dreams why they have started in the first place.

Have a look around!

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"Fabian is one of the best trainers I know. His ability to break down complex matters and teach them to the individual or even large groups of people is second to none. He also is a real teamplayer, someone you can count on regardless what time it is or where in the world he is located. He helped me and my whole team to climb the ladder of success."

- Doro Fusenig

"I met Fabian in a very unusual way. Both of us are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. When we found out over social media that we are both in Las Vegas at the same time, we decided to do a few rounds of sparring. From that day on we became close friends and I joined his team. Before I met him I have been stuck with my business for almost 5 years, making less than 1000$ a month. Fabian helped me to build a 6- figure business. Without his mentorship it would not have been possible."

- Kas Mustafi

"Fabian is not only a great friend, leader, one of the best speakers I know, he also has a lot of humor and working with him is always full of surprises. He is very humble, very professional and working with him is just fun. I learned so much from him and I would say he is one of the main reasons why I reached one of the highest positions as a female in my region."

- Valentina Faqi